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Morse Code - Practice

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Morse Code - Practice Morse Code - Practice Morse Code - Practice Morse Code - Practice Morse Code - Practice Morse Code - Practice

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Help practicing Morse code
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More About Morse Code - Practicelication

Whether you are a complete newbie or want to further improve your skills, we provide you with a one-stop platform to learn and practice.
Morse Code Practice is an app specially designed for Morse Code lovers and learners. It provides a rich series of learning and practice functions to help you master the reading and writing skills of Morse code, improve the accuracy of dictation, and strengthen the tapping skills of Morse code.

The main function:

Learning mode: The application provides simple and easy-to-understand Morse code learning materials, suitable for Morse code beginners. You can learn the basic principles and usage of Morse code through the application.
Dictation Practice: In the Dictation Practice mode you can practice reading and writing Morse code. From basic letters to common phrases, you can gradually increase the difficulty to ensure your Morse code skills continue to improve.
Dictation Practice: Dictation practice can help you improve your Morse code dictation skills. The app supports Morse code voice recognition, allowing you to hear the Morse code and type it accurately.
Tapping Practice: In Tapping Practice mode, you can simulate using Morse code keys to send and receive Morse code messages. This helps you train your finger coordination and practical skills.
Progress Tracking: The app records your learning progress so you can review your achievements and improvements at any time.
Customized settings: The application supports personalized settings, including Morse code playback speed selection, to meet the needs and levels of different users.
If you are interested in Morse Code or want to learn this ancient yet still relevant form of communication, the app is the ideal tool for learning and improving your Morse Code skills. Download now and start your Morse code learning journey!

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