Mentorist: Self-growth by Book

Mentorist: Self-growth by Book

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Mentorist: Self-growth by Book Mentorist: Self-growth by Book Mentorist: Self-growth by Book Mentorist: Self-growth by Book Mentorist: Self-growth by Book Mentorist: Self-growth by Book

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Self-help summary action steps
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Unlock the true potential of the top self-improvement books with Mentorist. Self-help book summaries with action steps that you can implement in your life for success.
Welcome to Mentorist – a revolutionary app that makes transformative reading actionable.

The journey of self-development is thrilling but can be overwhelming when you're buried under a mountain of self-help books. While they're full of wisdom from some of the greatest minds, finding the messages that resonate with your goals takes significant effort.

Mentorist is here to bridge that gap, helping you to discover the core messages from the best self-help and personal development books and providing you with the actionable steps you're seeking to implement in your life. This app enables you to dive into a world where knowledge gained is immediately followed by concrete action, guiding you toward a life of continuous personal development and self-improvement.


Think Mentorist is just another book summary app? Think again. It's designed to be a true mentor, presenting a roadmap that converts valuable knowledge from the top self-development books into actionable steps. These steps can be effortlessly incorporated into your daily routine, helping you achieve your life's goals. We save you hours by distilling the key takeaways from bestsellers and classic self-help books, offering a collection of lessons that are essential for you. It's a treasury of actionable knowledge that can positively transform your life in a shorter timeframe.


Action Lists from Books: Say goodbye to lengthy reading sessions. Mentorist helps you to put knowledge into action with a set of tasks at the end of every chapter. Don't worry about what to do next; we've distilled the essence of the books into actions you can live by.

Summaries that Save Time: Your time is valuable, and we respect that by extracting the core messages of each book. Now, you can gain all the crucial insights from a 200-page book during your morning commute or coffee break.

Habit Formation Assistance: Building new habits and skills is tough, but our app's design makes it manageable. Mentorist gently nudges you towards your goals, transforming today's small actions into tomorrow's powerful habits.

Reward System to Inspire: We understand the importance of motivation and recognition on your self-improvement journey. Mentorist rewards your progress, spurring you on with excitement for each milestone you reach.

A Diverse Library: Our library is vast and varied, with over 100 book summaries from genres like business, mindfulness, personal growth, and leadership. From classics like 'Think and Grow Rich' to modern hits from authors like Brian Tracy and Cal Newport – you'll have a never-ending supply of knowledge.

Mentorist is set to redefine the way self-help reading works. The days of passive consumption are over.

Having Mentorist is like having a personal mentor by your side at all times, one who distills each book's essence and shows you how to apply this new knowledge to your life.

Note that deleting the app does not cancel your subscriptions.

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