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A fresh way to see metadata and exif tags in your photos.
PhotInfo NG is a simple to use app to view all the information (location, date, dimensions, camera, etc.) contained in your photos. This is the port of the iOS app to macOS.

# Why PhotInfo NG

Digital cameras (including those in mobile devices) add a lot of metadata to the images. These data are called Exif (Exchangeable image file format) tags. They provide an opportunity to learn not only the exact date, time and location of capture, but also parameters such as exposure time, shutter speed, image resolution, device model, ISO, focal length, aperture, whether the flash was used, and others.

PhotInfo NG started as the Next Generation (NG) - the completely rewritten evolution - of the PhotInfo app. Now, PhotInfo uses almost the same code of PhotInfo NG. The main difference between the two apps is that PhotInfo is a paid app while PhotInfo NG is a free one with the editing feature as In-App Purchase (IAP): to change the main tags or remove all metadata, a unique unlock is required.

With PhotInfo NG you can:

• display an image with the main tags in a single view
• display an image with the main tags and the map of the location in a single view
• view all the Exif tags from the image
• copy the key data or the content of an individual tag
• share an image with or without tags
• (with a very simple interface) create a copy of the image eliminating or modifying tags for (In-app purchase):
- the place (you can take it from another picture)
- the date and time when the photo was taken (you can take it from another picture)
- the orientation
- the author (the artist)
- the copyright
- the image description
• create a copy of the image with the minimum content of the tags (related to image data structure, such as the image size, resolution and orientation) (In-app purchase)
• see where the photo was taken, in different ways (map, address, coordinate)
• favorite, hide or delete a photo
• quickly scroll through the albums of your device
• support for burst photos

Moreover, with the PhotInfo NG's Extension (Share Sheet) it is possible to view the main tags directly from other apps, like the native Photos app (iPhone and iPad only).

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