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AI Photo Enhancer - Lumie

1.3.9 by Colorize, Unblur, Fix & Clear
(0 Reviews) December 08, 2023
AI Photo Enhancer - Lumie AI Photo Enhancer - Lumie AI Photo Enhancer - Lumie AI Photo Enhancer - Lumie AI Photo Enhancer - Lumie AI Photo Enhancer - Lumie

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December 08, 2023
Colorize, Unblur, Fix & Clear
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Enhance, colorize, remove backgrounds and create AI avatar in just one tap. Give your old memories new life with stunning HD quality.
Welcome to Lumie, the AI photo editor that can transform your images into stunning masterpieces with just a few taps. Lumie uses state-of-the-art AI technology to enhance, colorize, remove backgrounds, create AI avatar and much more.

With Lumie, you can easily enhance your old, blurry, or low-resolution photos into clear HD images. Marvel at how stunning they look in sharp high-definition.

Lumie's AI technology can turn facial photos into high-definition, repair old/blurry/scratched photos, and make everyday portraits and selfies look like influencer-style outputs.

Lumie's advanced features include:
- Enhance: Turn your ordinary photos into stunning, clear HD images.
- Colorize: Give your black and white photos a new life by adding colors to them.
- Face Enhance: Get flawless, high-definition portraits with Lumie's face enhancement feature.
- Remove Background: Remove the background from your photos and customize it as per your wish.
- AI Avatar: Create a personalized avatar based on your photo, giving you a fun and creative way to represent yourself online.
- Text to Image: Transform words into stunning visuals.
- Image to Image: Revamp your images with AI-powered magic.
- Cartoon: Transform your photos into cartoon-style images.
- More Stunning Features: Lumie is continuously developing new features to enrich its service line.

Lumie's AI technology is based on deep learning, which ensures that the accuracy of image recognition is greatly improved. With Lumie, you can enlarge/upscale images, resize images up to 800% without losing quality, retouch faces and much more.


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