VR Checker APK v1.1.2 Free Download For Android

VR Checker


Download VR Checker APK to check whether you device supports Virtual Reality or not. Also Know about what actually Virtual Reality with This Latest Application.

Many users buying VR devices to enjoy 3D videos but they don’t know or sure that whether their device is compatible with VR.

But VR Checker surely frees you from worries,its a quick App also very easier to find out that your phone supports VR or not.Also VR Checker gives you Knowledge what actually Virtual Reality is.

How VR Checker apk check/detect your device that its compatible with VR or Not?

This App scans your device hardware for example Magnetometer, Acceloro meter, Compass,360 Gyro etc and will let you know that your device is Virtual Reality Supporting or not.

VR Checker APK




VR Checker APK will check all the requirements that VR needs such as :
– Screen size of your Device.

– Device resolution.

– Access to the compass.

– Access to the accelero meter.

– Your Android Version.

After Complete Scanning of your devices,VR Checker will tell you that is your phone is Optimum,Compatible or Incompatible with VR.
User can also able to use VR without Gyroscope sensor but note that it will work for limited time.
Download & Just check it and start having fun with the best VR app. Hope you will enjoy experience with this App.

Additional Information


Name : VR Checker

App Format : APK

Version :v1.1.2

Size : 539.7 KB

Offered By : VRiew
Requires : Android 4.0 & Up

Click to Download : Download Now

VR Checker APK v1.1.2 Free Download For Android
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