Fleksy Keyboard(fleksy + GIF keyboard)

Fleksy + GIF keyboard ApkFleksy + GIF Keyboard :

Fleksy Keyboard apk is the best keyboard app for Android.More Fast,accurate typing you will never find in other android keyboard.

Get rid of your standard android keyboard by downloading Fleksy Keyboard Apk for free to fill up more taste in your typing.

Once you use it for sometime you will realize how extraordinary Fleksy is.

User can customize keyboard with better and powerful extensions and beautiful themes in Fleksy Keyboard apk.

Fleksy Keyboard ApkFleksy Keyboard Apk


Fleksy Keyboard Apk (fleksy + GIF Keyboard) contains a super fast backward swipe then the other Android keyboards.It uses Extensions like: GIFs,Android Launcher,Editor,Number Rows,Keyboard Shorcuts,Invisible Keyboard etc.

Download now Fleksy keyboard APK full version just for free.

Fleksy Keyboard Apk


Fleksy keyboard APK also have customized way of typing and also allows you to send GIFs. No other keyboard is customizable than the Flesksy.

You will never find faster keyboard than Fleksy 8.3.2 .QWERTY, even DVORAK or Colemak, Fleksy supports them all.


Fleksy Keyboard Apk supports over 25 languages.

• English (US,UK)

• Spanish (ES,US,Latin American)
• Portuguese (BR)
• French
• French (CA)
• German
• Italian
• Arabic
• Hungarian
• Dutch
• Portuguese
• Slovakian
• Swedish
• Turkish
• Czech
• Russian
• Bulgarian
• Danish
• Greek
• Malaysian
• Macedonian
• Romanian
• Catalan
• Estonian
• Hebrew
• Croatian
• Lithuanian
• Latvian
• Norwegian
• Slovenian
• Albanian
• Serbian
• Tagalog


   More Fun with Fleksy Keyboard Apk :

  • User can enjoy over 600 emoji in the palm of your hand with Fleksy Keyboard.
  • It works with social media apps(Whatapp,Facebook,Messenger,Snapchat,Twitter,Linkedin etc.
  • Make your Android smarter with Fleksy,change your theme,change the keyboard style.
  • Dont think about spelling mistake Fleksy will know that what you want to type,its autocorrect method and auto prediction never let you to type wrong.
  • User can also personalize Fleksy Keyboard to meet your screen space with multiple layout options,its sleek gesture systems allows user to minimize keyboard.
  • Fleksy Keyboard allows you to see full screen of your phone because user can also make it invisible.


App Detail:

Name: Fleksy-KeyBoard(Fleksy + GIF Keyboard)

Version: 8.3.2

File Format: Apk

Size: 15.8 MB

Click to download: Download

Fleksy Keyboard(fleksy + GIF keyboard)
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