Download Apental liker (Facebook Auto Liker) apk for Android

Apental Liker

Apental Liker (Facebook Auto Liker) is a auto Liker Android App  Tool Developed by, Apental Liker is one of the most famous Social Tools to Increase Likes on Facebook posts, photos and videos . The most recent version of ApentalCalc is Version 2.51.

Apental Liker

Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Instagram are Top among Social media websites and are part of our social life. When it comes to social media websites we all want to become popular and get maximum likes on posts and statuses we share on our Facebook profiles, ApentalCalc does same for us it help us to:

  • Increase Likes on Facebook Posts.
  • Get Likes on Facebook Videos we share or upload.
  • Boost Likes on Statuses we update on our Facebook Profile’s.
  • Increase Followers on Facebook Profiles.


In our post we’ve shared Download Links for all versions of Apentalcalc. You will get links in end of this post.

How to Use Apental:

ApentalCalc has very easy user interface all you need to follow few steps which are as follows

Select a Photo

After Installing Apental you need to sign in to your Facebook Account Using Now Select a Photo on which you want to get likes.


Tap on Want Likes Button:

Now Click Want Likes Button.(Make Sure your Facebook Photo or Post Should be Public).

Apental Calc

Good to Go

Now Tap Get Likes and you Good to Go Simple Right!



How ApentalCalc Works:

Apental is a Likes Sharing Tool which means you will get likes and ApentalCalc will use your profile to give likes to other profiles as well. So Be-careful when you use Apental because your profile will also be used to give likes.

We suggest you not to use your Main Facebook Profile for ApentalCalc. Create another account for Apental so that you will get likes on your Profile and for sharing likes you other account will be used.


Q1. Any Age Limitations to Use ApentalCalc?

Answer: Yes your Facebook Age Should be 18+ To Use ApentalCalc.

Q2. Is it Safe to Use ApentalCalc?

Answer: Yes, it is total Cool to Use Apental unless you don’t create another account, make sure to create a Separate Account For Apental.

Q3. I am Not Getting Any Likes?

Answer:  Make sure your Posts are public and visible to Public Audience.

Download ApentalCalc:

Download Link For Version 2.51: Download

Download Link For Version 2.50: Download


Download Apental liker (Facebook Auto Liker) apk for Android
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